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Dec 10 - 9:58 am
Who all watched our first ice fishing episode of the year??? We headed out with a bunch of our good friends to tip up fish for pike with HOT DOGS!!!
Dec 9 - 11:54 am
If you watched the show today and are looking for the Vexilar and Jiffy auger GIVEAWAY link here is it!!! https://gleam.io/t5xGN/ice-fishing-giveaway
Dec 9 - 9:28 am
Pretty sure my clock always says this!
Dec 7 - 3:51 pm
OUR FIRST ICE FISHING EPISODE!!!! Make sure you tune in this weekend as we filmed our first ice fishing episode of the year catching pike on HOT DOGS!!!
Dec 7 - 10:09 am
Have you ever fished pike with hot dogs???
Dec 5 - 11:44 am
Anyone else eating tag soup???
Dec 4 - 8:42 am
What a classic!
Dec 3 - 5:30 pm
Why should you buy a Gill-O-Tine??? We were at the St.Paul ice show over the weekend in the Gill-O-Tine booth and we got a lot of comments and questions about it... "It's lazy!" "It's cheating!" "It's too expensive!" I dare you to watch this product video!!! I would NEVER market a product I did not believe in! It is the FUTURE! I want to hear YOU!!! WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS OF THE GILL-O-TINE???
Dec 3 - 3:00 pm
On this week's episode of Larry Smith Outdoors we headed down to southeast Wisconsin to hunt some late season mallards with our good friend Steve Hopp. The hunted started well, but we soon had to adjust and move to another spot with our friend Jason Hieman out on the marsh. We shot a ton of ducks and had a lot of fun check it out!
Dec 3 - 9:28 am
Have you ever wanted to fish with Larry or Lance the Lightning Sweeting??? Spots are filling up fast so book your 2018/2019 ice fishing trip today!!! With everything you need to fish supplied, such as vexilars, fishing poles, bait and heated permanant fish houses you will not only be fishing in comfort but you will be having fun! Call 920-427-3395 or 920-410-9920 to book your ice fishing trip of a lifetime today!!!
Dec 10 - 3:58 pm
Who all watched our first ice fishing episode of the year??? We headed out with a bunch of our good friends to tip up fish for pike with HOT DOGS!!!
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