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Aug 22 - 8:14 am
Wife loses BIG WALLEYE in fishing tournament!!!
Aug 21 - 6:10 pm
Fishing on the Wolf River yesterday, I saw a black animal floating down the river, once it gets closer i see its a bear with no head! What do you think happened to it???
Aug 21 - 9:48 am
On this week's episode we were invited to go fishing with the legend himself Dave Genz!!! Although we weren't ice fishing we went out fishing for some giant river smallmouth! What did you think?
Aug 21 - 8:51 am
Do you know anyone who has caught a muskie in Butte Des Morts???
Aug 20 - 11:19 am
Make sure to check out our most recent episode of LSO! Larry got to fish huge smallmouth with the one and only Dave Genz!
Aug 16 - 12:54 pm
Who's your favorite fishing partner??? TAG that go to person who is always down to fish!!!
Aug 16 - 10:43 am
Who's all going fishing this weekend??? What are you fishing for???
Aug 15 - 5:15 pm
Have a problem with deer wrecking your trees? Pine trees, apple trees, you name it! This WILL fix your problem! Check it out!
Aug 15 - 2:04 pm
The Bait Rigs Tackle Company Slo-Poke Strikes again!!! Who all has tried this jig???
Aug 15 - 10:47 am
What does your hunting dog mean to you? Follow along the journey with HEVI Shot as they train Michael Narus new dog Henry!
Aug 22 - 2:14 pm
Wife loses BIG WALLEYE in fishing tournament!!!
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