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May 23 - 4:55 pm
Trying to land a drone on a moving boat isn't as easy as it looks... Esspecially when you have these 2 clowns on the job!
May 23 - 3:03 pm
Here's a simple breakdown on why you should by that Warrior Boats Inc. boat!
May 23 - 10:57 am
Do you ever pull fly rigs??? Pulling flies is a deadly tactic during the spring especially on the Winnebago system!!! In this video we break down the very basics from tying a rigs, and on water techniques we use to put more fish in the boat!
May 23 - 7:53 am
Why does HEVI Shot make the best turkey loads??? The proof is in the product! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-x19z3BTA0
May 22 - 5:28 pm
Let's see your favorite hunting or fishing pictures!!!
May 22 - 12:56 pm
What do you think???
May 22 - 10:10 am
This is what it's all about!!! Great Day Guiding
May 22 - 7:31 am
Crappie tactics for giant pre-spawn Crappies! The Bait Rigs Tackle Company Cobra puts the smackdown on em!
May 21 - 12:37 pm
Who's all or been hooked??? ???
May 21 - 11:17 am
On this week's episode we headed back up north to visit our good friend and guide Jeff Van Remortel - WDH Guide Service to get on some post spawn walleyes for opening day! Jeff is one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated fishing guides we fish with, if you're ever looking to book a trip, make sure you hit him up! What did you think of the show???
May 23 - 10:55 pm
Trying to land a drone on a moving boat isn't as easy as it looks... Esspecially when you have these 2 clowns on the job!
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