We get so many requests for Larry Smith Outdoors gear - we really appreciate your fandomhood of our show!

We are happy to now offer an assortment of T-shirts, Sweatshirts, hats and more!!

An online store will be coming down the road once the demand warrants it, so for you die-hards that cannot wait- below you will find the items available.

Just click here for the pricing/order form and you can print and mail in your order with payment now! We accept credit cards! You can also call 920-361-4996 to place an order!  Click here for a sample order form.

And with every purchase of 2 items or more - get a free Larry Smith Outdoors logo decal for your boat or vehicle!!

If there is something in particular you would like us to offer in the future?  Send us an email from our Contact Us page, we always want your feedback!

Item # 1-101
Long Sleeve T-Shirt
M - L - XL - XXL
Item # 1-102
Men's Short Sleeve T-shirt
Item # 1-103
Short Sleeve T-shirt
Youth - S - M - L 
Item # 1-104
Hooded Sweatshirt w/colored Sleaves
M - L - XL - XXL 
Item # 1-105
Heavyweight Pullover Hoody
M - L - XL - XXL 
Item # 1-106
Heavyweight Crewneck Sweatshirt
M - L - XL - XXL 
Item # 1 -107
Pullover Hoody
M - L - XL
Item # 1-108
Pullover Hoody
Item # 2 -101
Fleece Gloves w/LSO Logo (Black)
(One size fits all)
Item # 2-102
Black Beanie Cap w/LSO Logo
(One size fits all)
Item # 2 -103
Baseball Cap w/LSO Logo - Thick Mesh Back Black - (One size fits all)
Item # 2 -104
Baseball Cap w/LSO Logo - Mesh Back
Tan / Gray - (One size fits all)