Warrior Boats - Warrior Boats are designed for ease of function and optimum performance, riding in anything other than a Warrior boat is like stepping back in time. Its smooth dry ride, makes it a fishing masterpiece that cannot be beat by any boat on the market. I am honored & proud to be a member of the Warrior Family!
Evinrude - As a full time fishing guide, it’s highly important to conserve fuel for those long fast cruises on the water, the fuel efficiency and lack of oil consumption make the Evinrude E-Tec superior and also environmentally friendly. 
Dowco - The Quality of the Dowco Fishini and the importance of being able to protect yourself from the hot sun, heavy rains and hail storms is a must for all anglers and pleasure boaters boat covers are just as important for all boat owners to help protect from damaging UV rays, salt and debris, especially when traveling around the country.
Burgers Smokehouse Larry Smith Outdoors
Burgers' Smokehouse - 60 years in business for a reason, their quality of product is second to none! Their famous bacon is a fan favorite. Available at Woodman’s Markets or visit their website for more of their delicious products. 
Mikes Country Meats Beef Jerky Larry Smith Outdoors
Mike Country Meats - One bite and you'll be hooked! Mike’s Country Meats has earned a reputation as the #1 Beef Jerky in Wisconsin. they have a tried and true recipe for the absolutely BEST Beef Jerky you will find anywhere– a taste of Wisconsin!
Wings Over Wisconsin - Since 1980 they’ve help reverse the decline of upland bird habitat in WI and dedicated to getting youth into the outdoors, and also help preserve other hunting & fishing resources. All outdoors people should get involved, join your local chapter today!
Midwestern Shooters Supply larry Smith Outdoors
Midwestern Shooters Supply - Over 25 years Midwestern Shooters Supply has been the hunters’ dealer of choice, it is a one-stop shop for your hunting & fishing needs. One reason I go there is because of the expertise of the staff, you won’t find this support at any box store!
Bartlein Barrels - Made in the USA they are the number 1 barrel builder in the world! Highly respected for competitive shooting and hunting – The quality and accuracy cannot be beat!
Badger Sportsman - Wisconsin’s oldest magazine- Articles written by real sportsman that spend their life in the field. 
Gill-O-Tine - Just when you think innovation has reached its peak in ice fishing, Guess again; check out the Gil-O-Tine from Rut Fin, their products are a major breakthrough in ice fishing technology!
Dick Smiths Live Bait & Tackle - For over 35 years they've been Southern Wisconsin’s premier bait shop with top notch bait and fishing supplies, they’re happy to offer fishing tips, techniques & fishing reports. Visit their website for a list places to fish from shore.
Carstens- Deer Blinds -Duck Boats - If you’re tired of being wet and cold, getting busted by deer when hunting and having to build a new hunting blind every couple years, you really need to check out Carstens deer blind, roomy and durable.  The 8 sided BOWMAN is ideal for bow hunting and awesome for filming!  For the duck hunters, they also have 5 models of duck boats to choose from.
Cisco Fishing Systems - The Most flexible rod holders a fisherman can have on a boat, Cisco Products put the finishing touch on my Warrior!
Jiffy Ice Drills - If all marriages were like Jiffy Ice Drills the divorce rate would be less than 5%- I wouldn’t want to be on the ice a Jiffy!
Vexilar -  A flasher is a must have for ice fishing, 30+ years as a full time ice fishing guide I haven’t had one unit fail, and that says it all- Nuff Said!

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