How to Fillet Northern Pike Fast!
This is a high in demand 'how to" fishing tip video: Never worry about that pesky Y-Bone again! A quick and simple way to fillet Northern Pike with the help of McQuoid Outdoors Devil's lake N.D, Dennis also explains why the meat from pike have an orange tint.

Ice Fishing Tip: How to Tie a Knot on a Jigging Rapala
Larry Smith offers a helpful "how to" ice fishing knot tying tip video using monofilament on a jigging Rapala to keep the nose of your jig rap pointed down for better hook sets, and also better balance when using live bait and to keep the natural lure action

Ice Fishing Tip: Cook Food on a Mr.Buddy Heater Ice Fishing
Larry demonstrates how to hack your Mr.Buddy Heater and turn it into a grill when your on the hard water ice fishing, always remember safety and don't leave it unattended.